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I always complain about poser punks and one night, I had the right to do so.

Leslie ( catwuvpowa) and I went to our first house show as partners or whatever you wanna call it around January of last year. We ended up in a rich neighborhood and all we saw was a huge cardboard sign that said “SHOW HERE” and we found our way into a large garage with people skating in the pool and beer and all kinds of shit.

We met an ex pro skater who drunkenly told us about the meaning of life and tried to hit on Leslie. That was great.

Then the show started. Our friends from Thrashin Bastards played outside then we took it inside. That’s when Leslie and I realized that this wasn’t a house show. It was an eviction party. There was no furniture left in the house. We could do whatever we wanted.

Poser punks filled the back of the room and didn’t get into the pit. Fair enough. They didn’t bob their heads or anything. Weird. Then it got scary.

One huge dude (over 6 feet tall easily) went to the side of the room to get closer to the action and accidentally lost his earring. He caused a shitstorm but Leslie and I didn’t know because we had to deal with not slipping on the beer soaked floor as we’ve already done several times. All we hear is a bang.

Huge poser punk dude punched a hole in the wall because he couldn’t find his earring. Jeremy found it a while later.

So, we decided to make the hole bigger. The rest of the show was basically people punching the wall.

Afterwards, we took photos with it. Jeremy (second photo) went back to fix it the next day.

A little over a year ago, I met people who helped change the shithead I thought I was.

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oh man she just said it 
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oh man she just said it 

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The Fugitive Kind (1960)
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The Fugitive Kind (1960)

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Surprise, guys. Here’s our official video for “Crust Bucket.” Share it with your friends. If you helped make it, thank you.

Also, we’re playing Viva Pomona on Sunday at 6pm see ya there.

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